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Oak Year 1

Information for week beginning 30.3.20

At The bottom of the class page you will find the following links which you will find useful.

NHRB5pr and NH RBi are handwriting help and writing sheets.

TH 002 th is Diary Template for Literacy

TT9466 is Easter wordsearch for Guided reading Skimming and scanning.



Weekly plan 

maths 30.3.20

Quick 10 minute recall maths is Maths wk bg 30.3.20

Maths pdf for lesson 1 PDF spring 8




Main Activities 

Lit wk bg 30.3.20

grplan 30.3.20  is Guided Reading Plan


Other activities 30.3.20



Useful information and websites.


Please remember to check learning at home page, listen to daily music link and also read Mrs Croalla's daily Blog.

Useful websites

oxford owl - e books and useful activities.


white rose hub


Hi Everyone 

I hope you are all well and trying out some of the suggested activities. You should feel proud of what you are doing, whatever your circumstances. This time will be historically memorable and  we will all have our own unique experience of this. Please email  me through the office if you need any support or advice. Enjoy the lovely weather we are experiencing and find ways to do outdoor learning if possible. Missing you all,  stay safe and well and looking forward to us all meeting again soon.


Thursday 26th March


Continue with yesterdays activities linked to this weeks spellings.

Also continue to find fun ways to practice high frequency words and stage 5 sounds. Choose a few each day that your child needs to work on.You can also use Phonics play website to help you. This should only be for about twenty minutes and make it as fun as possible. You can do this indoors or outdoors and use any writing materials you have to make it fun and different. If you wanted to you could use chalks or paints or pens. 


Continue daily 10 minutes maths activity.


Maths lesson.

You might like to start the day using internet counting songs such as Jack Hartman count to 100 or  Singing Walrus counting in 2s. Then follow lesson 5 on measuring . You can also measure items at home and compare the size of these items using mathematical language.

There are some extra activities at bottom of page if you need them. Please choose the level that suits your child.



powerpoint Task 2


Todays lesson focuses on how firefighting was different in 1666 than now. There is a sheet in Home school pack which you could use or record in your book. We have talked about this a bit in class but you can also research information. You may also like to research and talk about fire safety too.


Other possible tasks for Thursday 26th March.

Continue reading and Guided reading.

We would usually do  science  on a Thursday,

You could look at describe different materials in your house and think about why they  are used. You could test which materials are waterproof and start to design  a container to put your special belongings in to protect from water.

or you could have a nature hunt in your garden and also look for signs of spring.

Enjoy your day and make memories and don't forget to record daily if you are keeping a diary or journal.


Friday 27th March.


Today is spelling test day. The children can use their usual spelling journals and write the short date at the back of the book. I usually read the spellings one at a time and also say a sentence with that word in. I repeat the spelling twice and at the end say all spellings through once and children check them through before they are marked. Just remember that this has been a different week for everyone so some children may not do as well as usual. 


Continue 10 minutes daily maths.

If you need to spend some more time on measuring please do or you could focus on counting in 2s 5s or 10s . You could use a mixture of songs actions , practical activities and worksheets. There are some worksheets at the bottom of class page which you might use. There are six examples please select the ones most useful for your child.

Please recap on any areas that your child found tricky or extend the activity by asking your child to solve problems linked to learning.


Literacy Friday 27th March

Task 3 Finding out about Samuel Pepys and Charles 11 and Sir Christopher Wren.

You could either ask and answer questions linked to this or record information or act this out.

Reading and guided reading activities as before.

Other Activities.

We usually have some Golden Time on a Friday pm. You could discuss with your child some fun activities you could do in this time. Maybe you could include a special snack or drink, similar to a child a week having hot chocolate, or a certificate as  a reward for week. This might be a good time to also talk about the week and what went well and what changes might be needed for next week. Feel proud of what you have achieved, whatever your situation has been this week. We are all in this together and I am happy to support any way I can. Oak class are amazing.



Guided reading

I have included the timetable for Guided reading at bottom of class page. I have blocked out children's names and book level to keep that information confidential. Your child should know which day they do Guided reading, but it doesn't matter as it is only a guide line and be as flexible with it as suits you. If you need any further information on this please email the office and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


19.3.20 Home / school information

You will have received your home school pack today and the information will help your child learn in all areas of the curriculum.

I have put on a copy of our timetable , at the bottom of the page) to give you an idea of our routine if that helps you during this time. I will put on daily maths and literacy activities, as well as other useful information.  Please email the office if you need any further help or support. I will also set weekly spelling and extra 10 minutes maths quick recall activity.  

Guided reading guidance. All of these are at the bottom of class page.

Please do not feel that you have to do all activities as I know that every child's circumstances are not the same and some children will find this change more difficult then others.  


Monday 23rd March


I will include each day what a school day would be like if you would like to keep a routine, however please adapt this to meet yours and your child's needs,

9  - 9.20 is usually assembly time. Maybe you could set up a diary page or travelling bear journal and encourage your child to record events as 2020 will be a memorable year and events will probably be remembered for many years. Make this as fun as possible, maybe creating a time capsule box.

9 20 until 10 20 is usually maths, see powerpoint  called maths week beginning 23..3,20  We are currently learning about measuring length and height and focusing on mathematical vocabulary.  Please use any items around your home too and use mathematical language to

describe them.

Break and snack is usually 10 20 - 10 40

Guided reading see gr plan at bottom of page for guidance of possible activities.

Literacy, see powerpoint at bottom of page Literacy wk 23,3,20.

Focus retell  and research information about Great fire of London.

Lunch 12 -1

Maths quick recall 10 minutes daily see table at bottom of page, maths quick recall.

Handwriting focus on some high frequency words of your choice from home school pack. Letter formation sheet also in pack. Choose three words and write as many times as can on two lines. 

You could then either do sunflower challenge or art,  linked to great Fire of London. These ideas are in home School pack.

Remember this is only a guide and is obviously each child is an individual so please see how the day goes. Please email school if you have any questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Tuesday 24th March.


We usually have PE today so maybe you could find a way to fit in safe exercising.  There are various websites useful or you could activities outside. At 9 am live on you tube there is also PE with Joe, body coach,  which is suitable. Also gonoodle and wake up shake up activities or you could make up your own routines or circuits. Choose a time of the day that works best for you and your child.


Also remember to read books and practice guided reading activities and weekly spellings.


Daily Maths

Continue 10 minute daily sheet.

Shape and measure use powerpoint lesson 3 focusing on comparing objects and using the correct mathematical language.  You can also do this with any items that you have at home.

Daily Literacy

Today use the Great fire of London powerpoint Quiz. 

Answer the question and check your knowledge.

Afterwards create a fact file about a topic of your choice and for  a challenge you could make up some questions to ask others about your chosen topic.




For extra activities please refer to home school pack and information on the school website. 

Remember to make it as fun as possible and do what you can depending on your individual circumstances.


 If your child is keeping  journal or diary remember to update this daily.  


Wednesday  25th March


Today we would do 20 minutes phonics. 

For the next two days  of phonics focus on this week's spellings. Look at sounds and sound patterns. This could be  mixture of reading and writing spelling words and writing sentences with these words in.

You can also practice stage 5 sounds at the bottom of sheet in home school pack. You could mark on sheet those that your child knows and those that need more practice.

You can also mark which high frequency words your child knows and which you may like to focus on over the next few weeks. The high frequency words are in your home-school pack.


Guided Reading and individual reading

Please continue to read every day and think about reading strategies,pictures handed out a few weeks ago about what to do if they come across an unknown word. Also talk about what they have read and ask questions about what has happened. Read anything that your child is interested in and focus on how to read and what they have found out from what they have read. They can also make links with other books and their own experiences.


Continue 10 minute daily maths.

Maths activity please look at maths powerpoint session 4 on measurement. This is a practical session and linked to mathematical language, used in previous sessions. Please use real items to measure with if possible or cube sheet at bottom of class page. Use whatever you have available to you to measure items and record what you did. Have fun and maybe choose items outdoors if appropriate.



Focus Fact File Samuel Pepys.


Today we will be using Samuel Pepys powerpoint at bottom of page and making notes and creating a fact file about him.



We would normally do PE so if not already done any exercise find a way to fit some into your day. If you have a rope you could practice skipping  or throwing and catching a ball. You could also set up your own circuit of activities to do in your garden. Use what you have to stay fit and have fun.


Art/ craft


You could draw make or create a picture of  The Great fire of London or create a spring picture or collage with what you have available.


Please email office if you need any advice or support.

Don't forget to keep writing your diaries or journals.







Phonics Games These can still be useful to play with your child at home.

Phonics Games    These can still be useful to play with your child at home. 1
Phonics Games    These can still be useful to play with your child at home. 2
Phonics Games    These can still be useful to play with your child at home. 3
Phonics Games    These can still be useful to play with your child at home. 4
Phonics Games    These can still be useful to play with your child at home. 5
Phonics Games    These can still be useful to play with your child at home. 6
Phonics Games    These can still be useful to play with your child at home. 7
Phonics Games    These can still be useful to play with your child at home. 8
Phonics Games    These can still be useful to play with your child at home. 9
Phonics Games    These can still be useful to play with your child at home. 10

Parent Information Powerpoint

Welcome to Oak - Year 1!


Welcome to Oak Class. Here you can find information about topic plans and useful resources.

Mrs Winchester is the class teacher, assisted by Mrs Hadfield. Mrs Winchester has PPA time on a Monday afternoon, when Mrs Hadfield teaches, assisted by Mrs Tetley. 

PE is on Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon. It is really helpful if all the PE kits are left on pegs until half term breaks, so they are always there when the children need them. Thank you.


If you would like to meet with the teacher in addition to the usual parent / teacher evenings please email the school office to request a meeting and give the reason. Many thanks.

Oak Class Topic Web Term 1

Oak Class Topic Web Term 2

Oak Class Topic Web Term 3

Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. Please make sure your child has their PE in kit all term, with all the things they will need. PE kit can go home at the end of each short term for a wash, they only wear it for a short time each week, so it doesn't really get very dirty! Trainers are needed straightaway in Year 1 for outdoor PE sessions. If your child is still learning to tie laces please look out for trainers with Velcro, which they can manage themselves. Long hair must be tied up especially on PE days. Pierced ears can be covered with tape (the sort we use is medical tape) or earrings can be removed on PE days before coming to school.

Oak Class Parents Information Powerpoint

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