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Other Subjects

Wednesday: Our new topic is explorers. Fill in the grid to tell me what you already know and what you would like to know. Leave the end column blank and we'll fill it in at school together!

Thursday: History. Draw a picture of an explorer! This can be a famous explorer, someone imaginary or a picture of yourself exploring somewhere new! Write the explorer's name and a sentence about them. Draw and label the things they might need to take with them eg a compass, a warm coat, a sun hat etc

For RE we are thinking about how we choose to spend our weekends. Please fill in the attached sheet to show what you usually do on your weekend.

For PSHE we are thinking about being our best. We are starting by thinking about how we learn new skills. Read the story about Harold's bike and have a think about these questions:

  • Why did Harold think that riding his bike was easy at the start? [He had seen Derek doing it but didn’t know how difficult it was to keep your balance]
  • How do you think Harold felt when he fell off? Why did he feel like that?
  • Who helped Harold? How did she help him?
  • Why did Harold get better?
  • How did Harold feel when it all clicked and he found he could ride his bike?
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