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This term we would have looked at Gymnastics which is tricky to do at home. So I am going to keep a look out for some fun PE activities the children in the home. 


PE - would normally be on a Wednesday Afternoon. 

Please start off with Joe Wicks. I know he is is going to launch properly on Monday 11th January at 9am on his YouTube Channel. He will do 3 sessions Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 20 minutes long designed for children. 


Here is a clip to get you started today from him. 

2021 Kickstarter Workout | 20 Minutes | The Body Coach TV - YouTube

Street Tag App

Mrs Hadfield and other members of staff have been very busy collecting points for our school on the Street Tag app. 


If you fancy a go this is how it works:


1. Install the app, create a team and join a leaderboard.

2. Earn points from physical activities indoor and outdoor walking, running, cycling to collect virtual tags + convert your steps into points.

3. Get Rewards/Win prizes such as sports equipment, amazon vouchers and more.

Here is the website link to find out more. 

Street Tag

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