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Roald Dahl Website: There are some fun things to do on here as optional extras if you would like: 


The Official Roald Dahl Website - Kids

My YouTube Channel


Hi Chestnut Class, last year in lockdown I created a YouTube Channel so I could support Sycamore Class with their learning and upload Wake and Shake videos etc. 


I am going to use the Channel again for you to support you with your writing. 


Here is my YouTube channel link:

Mrs Reddy's Benson C of E Channel - YouTube

This will get you to my main channel page. I haven't deleted the Wake and Shake videos, so if you fancy a giggle and a shake, by all means please use them.

I will add the Literacy video links in the Literacy icon for that week if I feel it will support the children with their writing. 

I hope this helps. 


Mrs Reddy

Update Message- WB 1st February

Dear Chestnut Class, 

This week is Children's Mental Health Week. With everything that is going on, I wanted to support the children this week to keep healthy minds.

So I have created a Children's Mental Health Week Menu of activities. This menu is designed for children to go off curriculum if they want to and enjoy some of the activities I have suggested.


Please Note: this menu is not extra work. I am conscious that the children and parents have worked incredibly hard and that the diary writing was tricky this week, so I wanted to create some fun activities that they might want to do instead of Literacy or Topic this week. I would recommend that they keep on with the Maths but if you would prefer not to that is fine as well. 


I hope you enjoy some of the suggested activities. They will be in a separate Icon that says Children's Mental Health Week. 


Update 25th January

Hi Chestnut Class, I have added some optional extra tasks in the optional extra icon. Just some fun things you might want to look at but please don't feel like you have to. 


Also, I am sorry there was a lot to do in Monday's Literacy. If you haven't finished please don't worry, it is tricky to judge what is the right amount of work. Please use the underlined key events this week for our diary writing if you didn't finish today. Also please don't feel that everything set has to be done in a day/lesson. Go at your pace. All the work will remain on the class page.  The support videos for the rest of the week should hopefully be useful. 


Mrs Reddy


Maths Previous Message


Hi Chestnut Class,

I have created weekly icons for the Maths. We are using White Rose, as the children are familiar with this as we use it in school as well.  

As a school we are ordering the workbooks that you will be able to collect from school and use along side the videos instead of printing off the worksheets. We will let you know when they have arrived and you can collect them. In the meantime, I have attached the video links for each day, the worksheet and a challenge for you starting with icon WB 5th January. 


Children should be able to complete the first page of work (sometimes with some support). Page two becomes progressively more challenging. Often the final problems are designed to stretch understanding or to offer challenge. Children are not expected to fully complete the worksheet but should take on the challenge if they can. 


I will add an additional challenge on the class page if you would like to have a go at it for each day but please don't feel you need to, it is an optional extra. 

Previous Message of support for the icons

Tuesday 5th January

Hi Chestnut Class,


This term we are looking at Multiplication and Division. Please open the Maths Icon in the remote learning section to access the vimeo links and the work. I have put dates above each vimeo and worksheet so you know which one to focus on each day. 


In Literacy, we are working on our SPAG skills, please open the SPAG and Literacy Icon in the remote learning section to access the work for tomorrow. For the other weeks the SPAG will be incorporated into the writing activity that the children have set. 


I have split the work into table groups. In brackets on the sheets, I have said which group is which and where that table is in the classroom, so you should hopefully know which sheet to complete. But if you fancy a challenge do try one of the other sheets. 


I haven't put on Guided Reading on for this week but will start this next week. We are hoping to distribute the George's Marvellous Medicine books one per child. I may just need to order some more. In the meantime, if you fancy some reading comprehensions to complete, if you look in the Homework icon- Reading, you will find some reading comprehensions in there. 


Please keep looking at the High Frequency word list I sent home last term. There is also a High Frequency Words Icon in the remote learning section and do keep practising your times tables using times table Rockstars.  


Please use the Topic Icon in the remote learning section for afternoon activities. The topic activity has been added in there for tomorrow and will update for the week. 


Keep safe everyone. 


Wednesday 6th January

Today we will focus on Maths, Literacy, Reading a book of their choice, ICT, PE. Please see the relevant icons for today's learning. 


Thursday 7th January

Today we will focus on Maths, Literacy, Reading a book of their choice or they might want to look at one of the reading comprehensions under the old tabs- homework-reading. For the afternoon there will be an Art activity in the Art Icon  Please see the relevant icons for today's learning. 


Friday 8th January

Today we will focus on Maths, Literacy, Reading a book of their choice followed by a Geography afternoon. Please see the relevant icons for today's learning. 

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