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Video From the children to Mrs Reddy and Mrs Comber-Lye

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14th May- Message from Mrs Reddy

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20th May

Hi Sycamore Class, I hope you are all well. I have created a mini editing video for Literacy- the link to the clip is in Week 5 in the Literacy Icon. I will also email the link. I hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather. I have been in school today but will enjoy a bit of sun now before my next virtual meeting this evening. 


Keep safe and keep checking for more videos- Brightstorm and hello's


Mrs Reddy

17th May

Hi Sycamore Class, I have put the learning in the various Icons for this week. 

Week 5 Maths- This week is a little bit different. I would normally do an end of term test, but I can not do this. 

In Week 5's Maths Icon, you will see my pdfs, sheets and answers for Monday and Tuesday. These two days are multiplying and dividing decimals by 10,100,1000. 


After that, the children can either use the White Rose - Summer Term 1 -Week 3 (4th May) worksheets which I have put on the class page. The videos are still available on the white rose website.  (Remember this link just gets you to the Year 5 page you will need to select the Summer Term 1 -week 3 tab.) 


If you have already completed these tasks then there are end of block assessments you can work through which are in the Maths Week 5 Icon-(I have titled them) or I have added some different challenges you might want to do. 


I don't expect the children to do all the activities on here. My PDFs would be great for them to complete as it looks at place value when multiplying. The rest is optional extras/choices. 


Have a good week. Get out in the sun when you can, it is meant to be really nice this week. 


Mrs Reddy



14th May

I have added a Design Technology Challenge 2 PowerPoint for you in Optional Extras from Mrs Thomas. Thank you Mrs Thomas from Beech Class for creating this for everyone. 

Here is a little video to check in and see how you all are:


6th May

Hi Sycamore,

I hope you are all well.  I am really missing you all. I hope you are all getting on. Next week, you will  be pleased to know we will be moving onto a different Literacy Video with different writing focuses. 


I have added a Science website in our optional extras icon- Useful Websites icon. Its Wow Science Sue. I have also added the Wow Science link too which looks interesting. 


It has been lovely seeing your work and giving feedback. I really like doing this. 

I hope you are enjoying the Guided Reading videos as much as I am enjoying reading and creating them for you. I really like this book and cant wait to read some more. 

Remember VE Day on Friday- In optional extras there are lots of different activities, You don't need to do Friday's Maths and Literacy- we can move this to Monday, I forgot it was a Bank Holiday when I was planning. Also you don't need to do the VE Day activities, they are just there if you would like to do them.


I have managed to create a little hello video today whilst in school. Here is the link:


I hope you have had a good day and have a wonderful one tomorrow too. 


Mrs Reddy

4th May

Hi Sycamore, I hope you have had a good day today. I am glad the sun came out this afternoon for everyone. 

In our Reading Tab in Subjects, I have put a Brightstorm Chapters tab in there. Each day I will read a chapter and add a link to my videos in this section of the class page. 

I have put Chapter 1 and 2 in there to get you started. I will read and add chapter 3 tomorrow and so on. I am liking this book so far. I hope you are too. 


Enjoy and keep safe


Mrs Reddy

3rd May
Good Afternoon/Evening Sycamore, 

I hope you have had a good weekend. 

I can't believe it is week 3 of this term already. I have added some learning into the Maths, Literacy and Spellings for you for this week. 

Remember to look at the notes in the Maths section so you know which White Rose section to use. 

Also don't forget to check junk mail as some emails may end up in there.

On Friday, it is a Bank Holiday to celebrate VE Day. As a team we will be putting together some ideas for you to do in one document, which we will put in Optional Extras. This means you don't need to do the Maths, Literacy activities planned on Friday if you don't want to as it maybe too much in one day. However, my lessons are in a sequence, so if you choose to do the VE Day activities just carry over Friday's planned lessons into Week 4. 


Keep tuned into my channel for Wake and Shake and other Videos.


Mrs Reddy

29th April

Good Afternoon Sycamore Class,

where has the sun gone? I hope you are all well.

In Optional Extras, I have added some ideas for some Science experiments you might like to do and some useful websites links e.g. STEM, Twinkl in case you would like to do some more Science. 


Stay Safe


Mrs Reddy

28th April

Dear Sycamore Class

I hope you had a good first day yesterday with the new work. 

I have sent you an email today with a video link to my You Tube page with a little message from Mrs Comber-Lye and I. Do check your junk mail as some of my emails have been going to parents junk mail.




Mrs Reddy 


26th April 2020

Dear Parents and Sycamore Class,

I hope you have had a good week and wonderful weekend in the sun. It was lovely to see work being produced and to make comments on it. I have seen lots of fabulous things being produced. Keep up the hard work. 

I hope you all have a great week this week. Keep tuned in for Wake and Shake videos, recordings of the new book choice and messages from myself. 


Stay Safe 




Mrs Reddy


Notes to parents-  Tuesday 21st April

  • White Rose Maths - As a school, we follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning and use their resources in most lessons. New home learning maths lessons can now be found at
  • Each lesson will contain a PowerPoint video on the methods as well as a worksheet and answer sheet. The videos are useful as teaching tools.    
  • Please open the tab that just says week 1 for this week. 
  • Lesson 1 (my PDF)- goes with White Rose- Week 1 tab (Y5-Spring-Block-3-WO1-Decimals-up-to-2-dp-2019.pdf)

Lesson 2 (my pdf) goes with White Rose- Week 1 tab (Y5-Spring-Block-3-WO2-Decimals-as-fractions-1-2019.pdf)

Lesson 3 (my pdf) goes with White Rose -Week 1 tab (Y5-Spring-Block-3-WO3-Decimals-as-fractions-2-2019.pdf)

Lesson 4 (my pdf) goes with White Rose -Week 1 tab (Y5-Spring-Block-3-WO4-Understand-thousandths-2019.pdf)

Lesson 5 (my pdf) goes with White Rose -Week 1 tab (Y5-Spring-Block-3-WO5-Thousandths-as-decimals-2019.pdf)

  • The activities within the files below were designed with the intention of minimising paper usage when printed out in class and therefore have lots of the same challenges on one sheet. They may also include a repeat of a green, purple or blue activity. I am happy for the children to work through each of the green, purple and blue activities or choose one. 


 Monday 6th April

Good morning Sycamore class

I hope you’re all well! The weather was lovely over the weekend so I spent some time in the garden with Astrid and then went on a couple of walks with her for our daily exercise. 

Remember to use the links to listen to me read There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom. We have nearly finished the book, so I emailed over some choices for our next read. Just let me know via the class email and I will see which has the most votes. 

Here is a list of websites which I have suggested over the past two weeks which you might want to use:

Jo Wicks’ PE sessions-
Free Mad Science Live- 6th -10th April-

Art and drawing tutorials-

Easter craft-

Watch out for another email from Mrs Reddy with a link to more videos to say hello too. 

Just a note before I go, after the Easter Holidays I will take all the old learning down to free up room so I can put new things on there for next term. 

Hope you have a great Easter holiday; I’ll see you in a couple of weeks!
Mrs Reddy



Little note from me to you


While we are now facing lots of changes, what will not change is how proud I am of my class. Each of you have already grown up so much this year. You have worked so hard and pushed yourselves, talked respectfully about important topics and shown such kindness and compassion. Even on days when you have been given warnings or we've had to talk about listening and respect, I have loved teaching you. I really can't wait to see you all again. 

Look after yourselves and your families. 




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