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Recognising and identifying sounds

There are lots of ways you can have fun with recognising sounds.


- hide some familiar objects in a box (eg, car keys, a crisp packet, squeaky toy, toy animals). Making sure the children can't see it, shake or squeeze an object, or make the animal noise, can the children say which item you have? Take it in turns to be the 'guesser' as children love to play the hidden objects.


- complete the above activity with different instruments. Can they tell you which instrument you are playing?


- play a sound lotto game online. There are lots of games which show a few pictures and children have to guess which sound is being played.  You can find many online but these are free

     * Guess the animal

     * What is making the sound?  This is a great 

        resource to talk about how different sounds sound. 

      * you can also watch some sound videos, can you guess what it is before the picture is



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