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School Activities

Here are the activities we will be doing in school this week smiley


Activity 1

Make a handprint rocket:

  • Print your child's hand onto a piece of paper.
  • Once dried cut out 3 triangles
  • Place the triangles at the top and at the sides to form the rocket
  • Add any decorations like hearts and stars
  • Encourage your child to write their name on the rocket


Activity 2

Space yoga! Encourage your child to join in a yoga session!

Activity 3

Listen to music which reminds you of space (you may already know a piece of music or click on the YouTube video below).  

Encourage your child to move like an astronaut with large, slow gross motor movements.  Change the music to encourage a different movement i.e. jumping like a star, wriggling like an alien.


Space Ambient Music


Activity 4

After reading 'Back to Earth with a Bump' (found in the stories sub-page) get your child to imagine that they are in their very own bed rockets.  What would you take with you to space? What would you wear? What would you see?  Next design a rocket bed!


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