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Sea Music

Listen to one of these pieces and talk about the music.


Benjamin Britten, Storm

Debussy, La Mer


Discussion points:

-How does the music make you feel?

-What does the music make you think of?

- How does it sound? Is it fast/ slow/ loud/ quiet/ crashing/ whispering

-What do you think the sea is like in this music? Does it sound stormy or calm?

-What do you think the sea would look like? What would the weather be like?


Get a big piece of paper and some crayons and draw while you listen to the music. This might be abstract with lots of swirls and waves or pictures of sea creatures, boats, the weather - really hatever your child imagines :)


Or you could dance to the music. Is it fast or slow? how does it make you want to move? 

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