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Session 2

Please pick an activity based on your child's confidence


One less

Show your child a group of objects. Count them together. Ask what is one less than this number? How can we work this out? Model taking one away and counting again to find 1 less. Say 1 less than _ is _. Encourage your child to say the phrase with you. Repeat for a different number.

Then show children a number and ask them to count out that many objects (lego blocks, dolls etc) and find 1 less. Repeat for different numbers, Encourage them to use the phrase 1 less than __ is __ when telling you the answer.




Show your child a subtraction number sentence. Look at the subtraction symbol and discuss what this means.

Explain that this is different to the addition symbol and that we need to take away. Ask how we could solve this number problem? Model drawing that many objects and crossing out to represent taking away. Write the answer. Repeat for different problems and discuss what they notice about the number when we subtract (it is less than the number we started with)


Show a number sentence and ask them to solve it  using drawing or counting out objects and taking away. Repeat for different number sentences. Then show a picture of a number problem. How would you write this as a number sentence? you can repeat this for as many differnt problems as you like. If your child is confident work with larger numbers. 

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