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Session 3

Pick the activity that is most suitable for your child


1 less

Ask your child to show you a number on their hands. Ask them to show you 1 less.  Say 1 less than __ is__ and encourage them to join in with you

Show a number track to ten and explain we can use this to help us find one less. Ask your child to roll a dice/ pick a number. Model putting that number of objects on the track – starting at 1. Ask children why we can’t start at e.g. 2. Ask children what we need to do to find 1 less? Model taking one away - the last object and looking at the number above to see the answer. Count the objects to check. Say 1 less than __ is __. Repeat for different numbers and reinforce need to put objects starting at 1 and take away from the last object.


Subtraction on a number line

Show your child a number sentence. Ask if we need to add or subtract. How do you know? Explain that we are going to use a number line to solve the problem. Ask how we could do this and then model finding the first number, jumping back and circling the number land on. Repeat for different number sentences. (number lines are avilaible to print below or you could make your own by writing the numbers along a line drawn on plain paper. Then complete worksheet- Subtraction on a number line to 10/20/30 depending on your child's confidence. 

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