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Session 3

If your child is working on one less then have a go at repeating yesterday's activity. Have a go at using sweets or edible items. Have a go at counting the edible items and then take away one "what is one less than 4?". Your child counts and says the answer. Repeat this until all of the edible items have gone.


If your child has understood one less then have a go at taking away more. Get a group of 3 sweets, ask your child to count them out. Once you have counted these out either write down the number or get your child to write it down. Tell your child that you are going to eat 2. Write down the takeaway symbol and write down 2 as well. Take 2 away and ask your child how many are left. Write down the answer and then go over the number sentence with them. Repeat this with different amounts.


If your child is working on finding the difference then have a look at the PowerPoint below. Go over this with your child. After you have done this then draw a mini picture of you and your child. You draw different amounts each person has and work out the difference between these amounts. Check your answers together by using the number lines from yesterday or you could do this with physical items too. 

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