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Session 4

One less

Show your child a number track (session 3 resources).  Say a one less problem (e.g. what is one less than 3) and model using the number track to solve it, reinforcing how we need to put objects on from 1 and take away from the last number.


Give your child a number track. Say a 1 less problem and ask them to put the correct objects on, then take 1 away to solve. Repeat for different 1 less problems. If your child is very confident you could model writing a number sentence. 



Read children a word problem (see sheet below). Is this an addition or subtraction problem? How do they know? Discuss the language which tells us it is a subtraction. Ask children how they think they could solve this problem? Model solving the problem by finding the relevant information, writing the number sentence and drawing or using a number line to help you solve it. Support children to work through the number problems. 

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