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The Gingerbread Man

Here are a selection of activities you can do throughout the week.  As always please email Mrs Fanstone any photos of you completing the activities to go into your Learning Journey!

The Gingerbread Man - Books Alive!

The Gingerbread Girl - An alternative twist on the traditional story

Activity 1

Have a go at baking some Gingerbread!  Here is a simple step by step recipe guide:

Activity 2

Have a go at designing your very own Gingerbread Man!

Activity 3

"Run, run as fast as you can..." Have a go at running from one end of the garden to the other, get someone to time you by counting out loud.  You can also use different ways of measuring time like how claps, jumps, twirls it takes for you to run!

Activity 4

Here are a few craft activities linked to The Gingerbread Man, enjoy!

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