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Thursday 14th January

*Dog Drawing Link*

We can finish off the drawing at the start of this afternoon's help session if you'd like to come along.

Today, we're going to practise our sequencing skills. Remember, sequencing means putting things in the order they happened. Watch the video at the link I've sent to your adults at home to follow along as I read the start of chapter 10. You then need to read the rest of the pages to find out about Ahmet's journey to the UK. Once you have, write the six steps of Ahmet's journey- you can use the pictures from the book to help you. To challenge yourself, add a quote from the book for each of the six steps. 

Today, we’re going to write up our persuasive leaflets in best. Below is a PDF called Writing Template which you can choose to print and write on, you can write on paper at home or you can type up your leaflet on your computer. If you're using a pen, you need to use your best handwriting now and you will need to copy your leaflet exactly and make sure you have all the punctuation you need. Adding drawings or pictures of the Titanic and what people can do on board it once you've finished your writing will make your leaflet look even more persuasive for your reader. 
In maths today, we're going to look at another way of converting fractions to decimals. We'll be using short division to divide the numerator by the denominator. Watch the video here and then complete the sheet below. Like yesterday, you may need to watch the video more than once and you will need to watch the video. Remember, if you're struggling, try and do the first page of the sheet. You can also find the answer sheet below to mark once you're finished. If you'd like to challenge yourself, there's a challenge sheet below. You can print this off to write on or type on it. When you're finished, check your work with the answer sheet below.
In RE today, we're going to learn what Muslims believe about their god- Allah. Read through the Thursday RE PDF to find out more and see today's activity. You will need coloured pens or pencils, to print out one page from the Patterns PDF below and it might help to print off the 99 Names PDF.
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