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Thursday 21st January

Frank Cottrell Boyce will be live on YouTube from 1:30 today talking all about Cosmic! He'll read a bit from it and answer some questions. 

If you'd like to watch, here is the link
If you do watch it, make sure to listen out and see if he does give us a shout out like he said he would!

If you're trying to watch Frank Cottrell Boyce, you need to use this link now- He's had some technical issues

Today, we’re going to be having another go at answering a 3 mark question. Can you remember how we get 3 marks a 3 mark question? We need to give 2 points to answer the question and at least 1 piece of evidence from the text to support one of them. Read the text below called Jimmy and the Pharaoh and then complete the table on the PDF Table with two impressions of Jimmy's character (personality) and at least one piece of evidence to support one. To challenge yourself, find evidence for both your impressions. You can print off the table to write on or write your answers in your lined exercise book.
When you're finished, write down how many marks you think you'd get for your answer. I'll share the mark scheme with you tomorrow. 
Today, we're going to be looking at some colloquial language (like slang) from the early 1900s. Using some of these words or phrases in our diary entries will make them sound more realistic because they'll sound like they were really written in 1912. 
On the sheet Colloquial Language below, you can see some words and phrases from the early 1900s in context in sentences and the definitions of them. Can you use your inference skills to match the word to its definition? Think carefully about the different definitions and which would make sense for each sentence. Then, check your work using the sheet Colloquial Language answers to see if you matched the words and the definitions correctly. Once you've matched them all, write 2-3 of your own sentences containing the words/phrases.
In maths today, we're going to look at ordering fractions, decimals and percentages using the methods we've used to convert between these already. Watch the video here and then complete the sheet below. Like before, you may need to watch the video more than once and you will need to watch the video. Remember, if you're struggling, try and do the first page of the sheet. You can also find the answer sheet below to mark once you're finished. If you'd like to challenge yourself, there's a challenge sheet below. When you're finished, check your work with the answer sheet below.

Today, we’re going to learn about how Muslims worship. We’re then going to compare it to how someone from a different religion may worship using a Venn diagram. Read through the Thursday RE PDF to find out more about how Muslims worship. You can print off the Venn Diagram Sheet to write on or draw a Venn diagram on a piece of paper.

These videos will help you to learn more about Muslim worship- 

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