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Thursday 28th January

Today, we’re going to be practising our VIPERS sills- vocabulary, infer, predict, explain, retrieve and summarise- about a picture. You can see the pictures and the questions attached below. You could print out the sheet to write on or write your answers in your lined exercise book.
Your challenge today is to write your own VIPERS questions about the picture.
Our final piece of writing this term will be a newspaper report. We'll be imagining that we're journalists writing about the sinking of the Titanic. Today, we're going to recap the features of a newspaper report so we remember what we need to use in our writing. Read through the example newspaper report and use the checklist to remind you of a newspaper's features. Then, find an example of each feature in the newspaper report and explain why you think it's been used. You could print off the newspaper report to highlight/underline the features and then label them or write the features and their purpose in your lined exercise book. 
 Your challenge today is to decide which feature you think is most important and explain why you chose this. 
Today, you have a problem solving activity which is about working systematically- logically and using a method. This will help us with our algebra learning. Read through the Thursday Maths PDF below to see what the activity is. If it's useful, you can also find the activity on the Maths Activity PDF below. You could show your working on and write your answers on here or use your square maths book.
We're going to think about the clothes people wear and the assumptions (things we think are true without proof) that we make about people  because of their clothes. Read through the Thursday RE PDF to find out more. You could write your thinking in your lined exercise book or print off the RE Pictures PDF and label the pictures on there.
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