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Thursday 7th January

Thursday 7th January 

Good morning Hawthorn! We have our first Zoom meeting today at 11:30. A link has been sent out to your adult at home already but do let me know if you don't have one. I'm looking forward to seeing you later!

Below is today's home learning. It's also available on Google Classroom.

In maths today, we're going to be adding and subtracting numbers with decimals. This is basically the exact same as adding or subtracting any numbers- we need to make sure we have the digits lined up in the correct columns and we may need to do some exchanging- borrowing or carrying.
Below you will find some addition and subtraction questions. You will also find the answers to some of these. Start completing the addition and subtraction questions to find the answers. When you find an answer, cross it off the answer grid. Then, add the final four decimals left together and either tell me the answer you get on a private comment on this assignment or write it on the sheet. I would suggest you use column addition or subtraction to make sure you've lined up the digits in the correct columns. 
You'll also find a sheet with a couple of challenge questions on it if you'd like a challenge.

In literacy, we'll be doing some research about what the journey on the Titanic would have been like for different passengers and, particularly, what it would have been like for first class passengers. Watch (and read) the PowerPoint video I've made here to find out more about the Titanic. Then, explain what made the Titanic so special and choose three reasons why a first class passenger may buy a ticket and write them on the sheet below. You’ll use these three reasons in your persuasive leaflet so make sure they’re good ones. 

This term in RE, we'll be exploring whether a person's clothes express their beliefs and we'll be looking at Muslim and Jewish dress. Today, we'll start learning a little about Islam. Read through the Thursday RE PDF to explain today's learning and introduce Islam and then complete the activity on the 5 Pillars of Islam PDF. In case you can't open the video link on the Thursday RE PDF, here it is 

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