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Toy Talk

Introduce to the children a soft toy that can only speak in ‘sound-talk’. The children see the toy whispering in the adult’s ear. To add to the activity, as the toy whispers the adult repeats the sounds, looks puzzled and then says the word straight afterwards. For example: What would Charlie like for tea today? The toy speaks silently in the adult’s ear and the adult repeats ‘ch-ee-se’ looking puzzled and then, says with relief ‘cheese!’ Use different scenarios: What does the toy like to do in the playground? (hop, skip, jump, run, etc.). As the children become more confident, make some errors – for example, say f-i-sh then say, fip, and ask them to tell you the correct word. Encourage the children to ask the toy questions with yes/no answers (e.g. Can you sing? Y-e-s/N-o). Or ask the toy the colour of his bike, his bedroom walls, his jumper, etc. and the toy will answer r-e-d, b-l-ue, g-r-ee-n, m-au-ve. As they become more confident, only say the sounds and see if they can blend them to say the word. 
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