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Tuesday 26th January

Today, you need to read chapter 12: Syrah and the Sea. We'll be talking about what happens in this chapter in today's Zoom meeting. Some of this chapter may be a bit upsetting- remember, this isn't a true story. 
It's time to edit and improve our diary entries. We've practised editing quite a lot in school so I won't be showing you my editing today but remember, you need to read your writing out loud to listen for missing punctuation and that all your sentences make sense. Are there any spellings you're not sure about? Use a dictionary at home or a website like to check them. Finally, do one more read through to find at least two sentences that you can add more detail to or improve with anything you're missing from the marking grid. 
If you could like some feedback on your diary entries, please send me a picture of your writing. 
We're moving on to a new area of maths learning today: algebra. Algebra is a really fun maths topic but it can seem a bit confusing if you've never done it before. Watch the video here to find out more about algebra and our activity for today. Below, you'll find the activity, a challenge for today and a set of clues if you're finding the activity tricky. 

Today, we're going to think about the question: Who was to blame for the Titanic disaster? We're not just thinking about who is responsible for the Titanic hitting the iceberg but for the entire disaster. 
Below, you'll find nine different facts about the Titanic. Read each of them and sort them in order from most responsible to least. You can decide whether some are equally as responsible and you could sort them into a diamond nine if you wanted to. You could print out the facts and physically put them in order before you stick them in your lined exercise book or you could just write the letters which match each fact.
Once you've sorted them, look back at the fact you placed as most responsible. Write a couple of sentences to explain why you chose this as the most responsible. 

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