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Tuesday 2nd February


Today, you need to read chapter 16 of The Boy at the Back of the Class and have a think about the following questions:

Pg 169 “..and eagerly pointed to the letter and pencil” What does eagerly mean? How is Tom feeling?
At the bottom of pg 171 How would you feel if you met the queen and got a medal?
At the bottom of pg 172 Why does the narrator cross their fingers behind their back?
After “…keep this a sect” on pg 178 Why do you think the narrator adds this? Should they have told the queen about Syrah?
At the end of the chapter. Do you predict the queen will get the letter? Why? 

You don't need to write your answers but I will ask people to share in today's Zoom meeting.

Today, we're going to imagine that we are interviewing two people from the Titanic. You can choose from surviving passengers or crew, relatives of people on board, Joseph Ismay (The White Star Line Managing Director who survived) or Arthur Rostron (the captain of the Carpathia). Choose two people and write three questions for each of them. 
Think about the information you'd want to find out from each person and what would be interesting for people reading your newspaper report to find out when you are planning your questions. Try to use a range of closed questions (which have a yes or no answer) and open questions. 

Once you've written them, you can choose how you answer them. You can imagine that you are that person and write what you think their answer would be or you can come to this afternoon's Zoom meeting and interview me or other people from the class. 
In maths today, we're going to look at substitution. Watch the video here  and then complete the sheet below. As always, you may need to watch the video more than once and you will need to watch the video. Remember, if you're struggling, try and do the first page of the sheet. You can also find the answer sheet below to mark once you're finished. If you'd like to challenge yourself, there's a challenge sheet below. You can print this off to write on or type on it. When you're finished, check your work with the answer sheet below.

For today's history lesson, you're going to present what you have learnt about the Titanic. You'll need to think about what we've learnt so far (looking back at the information about the Titanic from the start of term will be very helpful) and maybe do some of your own research. Think about the information which you think is most interesting and choose how you will present it- you can make an informative poster or a PowerPoint. You'll need to think about how you present your work too- include pictures, use bubble writing etc. Think back to how we presented our non-chronological reports about rainforest animals to help you. 
Once you're finished (and you may not be finished today- you can take your time on this), please either send me a picture of your poster or send in your PowerPoint. I'm excited to see what you come up with. 

You may want to use these websites to help-

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