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Tuesday 5th January

Tuesday 5th January 

Good morning Hawthorn! I hope you had an awesome Christmas holiday. I know you'll probably all be very disappointed that we're not all back in school but I know you'll still all be doing your best with your learning and I'll make sure we still do lots of fun things.

I've uploaded today's learning to Google Classroom so if you are able to access it, go onto Google Classroom to complete your learning for today. 

We'll be starting our maths learning this term looking at decimals. Today, we'll be recapping your Year 5 learning on numbers with up to two decimals places. Watch the video here and then complete the sheet below. Once you've completed it, you can check your answers using the answer sheet below. 

Tomorrow, we'll start learning about our first piece of writing for this term but for today, practise your super SPaG skills using the sheet below. 

We'll be starting our new topic this afternoon: the Titanic. We're going to start by looking at some primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are pieces of information from the time such as physical objects or accounts from people who were there and secondary sources are things which are created afterwards by people who were not there. Which type of source do you think is more useful? Look at the pictures of different primary and secondary sources on the history sheet below. Label each picture as P if you think it is a primary source and S if you think it is a secondary source. Then, explain what it tells you about the Titanic and any questions you have.

Have a fab day!
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