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Understanding of the World

Understanding of the World:

- Predators and Prey- Think about what different animals in the garden will eat. We have discussed herbivores and carnivores. Talk about how the carnivores and predators because they eat other animals and the herbivores are normally prey.

- Habitats- Think about where different minibeasts live. Tadpoles in a pond, dragonflies by water, ants in a hill, ladybird in a bush. Make a minibeast home or look for minibeast habitats.

- Plants- Look at plants. Watch do think they eat? What do they drink? How? Grow your own plant and make a diary of how it grows.

-Try different experiments. These can be very easy: floating and sinking, growing plants/flowers, marble runs, moving objects along different surfaces, will it dissolve?

- Have a look around your garden and surrounding areas. What can they see? Can they describe the flowers? The animals? The scenery? How is where we live different to another place/country? Compare different flowers, habitats, animals.

- Take some time to talk about different families and cultures. If you watch a film with your child then talk about the different people in the film. Do they live in a country like us? Does their family look like ours? Think about different jobs people may have and what they have to do for those jobs.

- Have a go at allowing your child to access technology. Play with the TV remote, play a game on the computer/tablet, use a camera.

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