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Update 20.3.20

Now that we are all on the verge of working at home,  I thought I would provide parents with an explanation of the activities the school has provided so you are all aware of how these activities would be completed in school. Maths and English lesson will have work for the children to complete and sometimes include slides. In school, the teacher goes through the slides with the children until they are comfortable with the concept before allowing the children to complete the work independently. They are there to support you should you feel you need them. Weekly spellings will be put up on Monday, children can use some of the games provided in the packs that were sent home.  We usually spend 15-20 minutes on these. When we do reading comprehension, the children read through the text with the teacher, then have a go at completing the questions by themselves. We then go through the answers.  This usually takes 15-20 minutes. Finally, Arithmetic questions are done as soon as they come in from lunch. Addition and subtraction questions are done using the column method (using the vocabulary ‘tens’ and ‘ones’), children are encouraged to count in the timetables we have learnt to solve multiplication and division questions (2s, 3s, 5s and 10s) and fraction questions can be solved by ‘circle and dotting’ (e.g. drawing 2 circles for a half, counting the number into alternate circles then counting how many is in each circle, 3 circles for a third, 4 for a quarter etc.).  If children know an answer quickly, without the need to work it out, this is fine, so long as you are confident they haven’t had a lucky guess! I will also put up weekly handwriting words for the children to practice, completing 2 lines of these in their neatest handwriting should be enough.

               This is just an explanation of how the work is completed in school to help parents, you do not need to use it if you do not want to.

I hope this explanation has been useful. I am still contactable between 9 and 3 via the school office email address.

Kind regards,

Mr. Thorpe

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