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WB 1st February

This week, you have a choice of going off topic and look at the Children's Mental Health Week activities or you can have a go at being a Journalist and write a newspaper report on George's Marvellous Medicine.   The pdf document below is the teaching slides that will structure the week. There is a SPAG starter and then the main teaching and tasks. There might be additional PowerPoints, I have converted these to Pdf as well just in case. I will also be adding some supporting videos for the lessons this week. There is no specific answers for the Literacy as every child will write something different. Please do send me though any Literacy work and I will happily respond with feedback. 

Thursday 4th February- Good Newspaper Report PowerPoint

Friday's Writing Frame. WALT: Use features of a newspaper in my report

Friday 5th February- Success Critieria

Mrs Reddy's Support Video Links

Tuesday 2nd February


Wednesday 3rd February


Thursday 4th February

Friday 5th February

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