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WB 5th January

Thursday 7th January-Today we are looking at Adverbs, Adverbial Phrases and Fronted adverbials. The PowerPoint will help explain these. Activity 1 on the sheet-all children should be able to have a go at this. Some may need a little support. Activity 2- is a little more challenging and the final activity on adverbial phrases is trickier. I wouldn't expect all children to complete all of this. I have added an extra challenge on fronted adverbials if the children would like an additional challenge.

Friday 8th January- Today we are looking at identifying different types of Nouns. The PowerPoint has all the information on there to help the children. The activity is a colouring activity identifying different nouns. The first sheet has easier words on it, the second one is a little more challenging and the third sheet is challenging. The children can choose which sheet they would like to have a go at. There is an answers document with it as well. .

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