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WB 8th February

This week, Mrs Stevens, Miss Glyde (Student) and I thought it would be good to give you a choice of activities for Literacy.

You may choose to focus on one for the week or you may choose to do different ones. It is up to you.  Please note: There is lots of choice, we are not asking you to do all of them. 

We have tried to balance the ideas with some writing and some creative activities so it's not to heavy on the writing. We have also provided some support videos for some of the activities and some scaffolding sheets if you need them. These will be indicated in bold and brackets on the activities. 


I know there looks like a lot on this page. You may or many not choose to use the writing templates if they are provided for your chosen activity. So don't be alarmed by the amount on here. I wanted to support you as best I could in the different activities. My support videos are there if you need them. Some activities don't have support videos/ scaffolding sheets as I felt they didn't need them. 


I hope you have a fun last week, miss you all. 


Mrs Reddy

Literacy Menu of Activities to Choose From

Activity Support Videos

You Tube Week 6 support video links


Alternate Ending Link


Playscript Link

Wanted Poster Link


Design a new farm animal and descriptive writing link combined.


Write a new Blurb for George’s Marvellous Medicine Link

Support Activity Sheets

Recipe Template

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