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Wednesday 13th January

Today's morning Zoom meeting is at 12pm- not 11:30am- as previously mentioned in the email sent last week. The usual link will still be used. 
Today, we’re going to be making predictions about the next chapter. Remember, an effective prediction is one which is likely to happen and which is based on what’s happened so far in the text. Read the Wednesday PDF below to read the chapter and find out how to do today's activity or watch the video that I have emailed to your adults at home to follow along while I read the chapter.
Today, we're going to edit and improve our persuasive leaflets so we can write them up in best. Read through my edited persuasive leaflet below to see the changes I've made and why. Then, read your writing out loud to listen for missing punctuation and that all your sentences make sense. Are there any spellings you're not sure about? Use a dictionary at home or a website like to check them. Finally, do one more read through to find at least two sentences that you can add more detail to or improve with anything you're missing from the marking grid. 
Once you're finished, please send me a picture of your writing so I can give you some feedback and see how fab your first Big Writes have been!
In maths today, we're going to start learning how to convert fractions to decimals. Watch the video here and then complete the sheet below. Like yesterday, you may need to watch the video more than once and you will need to watch the video. Remember, if you're struggling, try and do the first page of the sheet. You can also find the answer sheet below to mark once you're finished. If you'd like to challenge yourself, there's a challenge sheet below. You can print this off to write on or type on it. When you're finished, check your work with the answer sheet below.
We're going to be looking at classification keys today- you probably already looked at these when you were in Year 4. Read through the Wednesday Science PDF below to explain what a classification key is and see what your activity for today's science learning is. You can also see a video of me here making my own classification key You will need a pen or pencil and a piece of paper for this lesson. 
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