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Wednesday 24th February

Today, we're going to practise our different VIPERS skills by answering some questions about chapter 23 which we read yesterday. Remember that when we're answering questions about a text, we need to read the question carefully, think about what the skills and how we use this skill and answer the question fully. Below, you can find a PDF called Wednesday VIPERS with the questions for today. You can print off the sheet to write on or write your answers in your lined exercise book. Your challenge for today is to have a go at writing your own VIPERS questions. 
I'd like to see your answers to the questions (and have a go at answering your challenge questions!) so please send them to me.


Today, we’re going to start thinking about our own Greek myth writing. Over the next week or so, we’ll add a new part to the Odysseus myth in which Odysseus and his men meet another obstacle on their journey home. This obstacle could be a mythical creature like the Minotaur or Polyphemus the Cyclops or a magical character like Circe.
Today, you’ll need to use your imagination to create this creature/character. You’ll find a PDF below called Ancient Greek creatures which gives you a few examples of other mythical creatures which appeared in Greek myths. You can see that they were often made of more than one animal, had multiple heads or were part human and part animal.
Once you've thought of a new mythical creature/character, you'll need to sketch it in your lined exercise book or on a piece of A4 paper. Then, you need to write its name, briefly label some of its features and explain how it is dangerous to Odysseus and his men.

Your challenge today is to make your creature/character fit into a Greek myth as realistically as possible so think carefully about the design you use. 

In maths today, we're going to look at converting between other metric measures: kilometres, metres, centimetres and millimetres. Like yesterday, we won't be using the White Rose Maths questions or video today so watch my video here to find out how we convert between these. 
Once you've done so, complete the converting measures puzzle below in the PDF Wednesday Maths. If you can't print it to cut the pieces out, just write the matching measurements in your book. If you'd like a challenge today, you can find the PDF Wednesday Maths Challenges below too. The answers to both the puzzle and challenges are below so you can check your work once you're done.
This term, we're going to be learning all about the heart and the circulatory system in science. We'll begin today by familiarising ourselves with how the heart functions and what the different parts of the heart are called. Watch the video here to find out more. Then, use it to help you label the picture of the heart below in the PDF Heart Labelling. If you can't print out the heart picture, do a brief sketch of the picture and label that. 
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