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Wednesday 3rd February

Today, we're going to imagine that we are the Queen and we're writing a reply letter back to the narrator and their friends. Look back at the letter the narrator and their friends wrote about Ahmet in the book or read it in the Letter PDF below. 
How would you feel if you were the Queen and you read this? What might you think?
If you were the Queen, what would you write back?
Write a letter back from the Queen in your lined exercise book or print out the PDF Letter Paper below to write on on. Remember, the Queen is very formal so think carefully about the vocabulary choices you make. 
I'd love to see your letter so please send it (or a photo of it) when you're done. 

Today, we're going to be writing up the quotes from our interviews yesterday into direct and reported speech so we can use them in our newspaper reports. Watch the video here to recap the difference between direct and reported speech and practise using both.
Then, choose at least two quotes from your interview. Write one up using direct speech and write the other using reported speech. Your challenge for today is to use a fronted adverbial and a synonym for said to describe how the interviewee spoke. 

In maths today, we're going to learn about formulas (called formulae). Watch the video here and then complete the sheet below. As always, you may need to watch the video more than once and you will need to watch the video. Remember, if you're struggling, try and do the first page of the sheet. You can also find the answer sheet below to mark once you're finished. If you'd like to challenge yourself, there's a challenge sheet below. You can print this off to write on or type on it. When you're finished, check your work with the answer sheet below.

Today, we'll be concluding our investigation if your bread has now got mould on it. You can find a sheet below called Conclusion Sheet which you could print off to complete or you can write in your lined exercise book. 
If your bread does not have any mould on it, you will need to continue the investigation until next Wednesday to give your microorganisms more time to grow! Instead, you could choose one of the Mental Health Week activities to do. 
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