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Week 2 - 11.01.21

This week we will be receiving a letter from The 3 Little Pigs asking for help to collect sticks for building with.  Go on a winter walk with your child to collect some sticks and talk about how the environment has changed.  Ask your child to describe what they can see, smell and touch.  They may talk about the cold air and that there are no leaves on the trees!  We will be making a winter tree picture using our hand and tissue paper (see images below), have a go at using whatever materials you have at home!


We will also be looking at everyday 2D shapes this week.  Look at the PowerPoint with your child and then send them on a shape hunt around your house!  We will then be moving on to make the 3 little pig's houses using different material and shapes, take a look at the images below for ideas.

Use whatever materials you have around the house, why not use the sticks you collected on your winter walk!

Have a go at making a seasons tree!

Can your child find different shapes around the house?

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