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Week 4 - 25.01.21

This week we are going to be learning about exploring different textures and using words to describe how they feel.  This will involve looking around your house to find different materials and touching them to discover what they feel like.


We will also be learning about capacity and the language to use when some is FULL, HALF FULL and EMPTY.


Below are a selection of activities and resources to support your child's learning:

Activity 1

Send your child on a material hunt.  Firstly ask them to find something that feels soft, encourage them to talk about the item they have found and why they think it is soft.  Repeat the activity and ask them to find something that is hard and lastly bumpy.  Are there any other words your child uses to describe texture? Spikey? Rough? Smooth?


Activity 2

Begin by showing your child two containers, one big and one small.  Ask the them which container they think will hold the most cubes/marbles/pom poms, why? Test out by dropping your chosen item into the small container first, counting who many as you drop, and then drop your chosen item into the large container, counting as you go. 

Which container has the most cubes in it?

Which container holds the least cubes?


Encourage your child to use the vocabulary FULL and EMPTY.


You can repeat this activity by using different containers.  You can also have fun in the bath with different sized jugs and containers, filling and emptying with water.

Activity 3

Make a ‘materials collage’ using a variety of materials including fabrics, card, paper, etc.  Encourage your child to talk about and describe the textures they are using as they create their collage.

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