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Week 5-WB- 22nd March-26th March

Monday 22nd March

WALT: To box up for purpose

We will be creating our own flying fantastical character. We will then box up our explanations of how they fly.

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Tuesday 23rd March

WALT: Identify features of explanation text

We will read some explanations about dragons flying. We will use our explanation toolkit to 'read as a writer' and identify explanation features. We will consider which strategies we can use in our own writing.

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Wednesday 24th March

WALT: To write an explanation (part 1)

We will use our boxing up plan that we created in lesson 6 to write the introduction and flapping paragraphs of our explanation.

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Thursday 25th March

WALT: To write an explanation (part 2)

We will plan our writing in this lesson by using a step plan. We will carefully consider the sequencing of our explanations. We will complete a shared write for our gliding paragraph.

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Friday 26th March

WALT: To write an explanation (part 3)

In this lesson we write our final paragraph about steering. After we have edited our writing we will perform our explanation text.

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