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Hawthorn Year 6

Welcome to Hawthorn - Year 6!


Welcome to Hawthorn Class! Our class teacher is Miss Yeates who loves pandas, reading and Harry Potter. We're very lucky to have Mrs Davidson, Mrs Comber-Lye and Mrs Lutunatabua helping as our teaching assistants. 
Our P.E. days are on Monday and Thursday this term although we ask that children bring in our P.E. kits to school every day. 
We send out Maths and Literacy homework every Friday which we mark in school the following Friday.

Even though we are starting our final term of the year, we still have a lot to learn. On this page you will find details of our termly topics, useful websites and class information as well as photos of what we have been doing in school recently. 



Key Stage 2 SATs Meeting PowerPoint

Term 6 Useful Information

Alice in Wonderland

Below you will find who Mrs Reddy and I have chosen for the production. Everyone had a great audition and it was lovely to see people, especially those who were out of their comfort zone, trying their best. As you know, lots of people auditioned for the same part so unfortunately not everyone has been chosen for the part which they originally wanted. Mrs Reddy and I based each decision on both the audition and who we felt was the best fit for the part.

As I explained yesterday, if you did not get the part you auditioned for but Mrs Reddy and I feel that you would suit a different part then you will see your name next to that one. You are more than welcome to tell us that you do not want that part and we will offer it to someone else but read the script to look at the part before you make up your mind. 

It will be very helpful if you practise your lines over the holidays (if you do want that part) as we will start rehearsals on the first day back.

Well done to everyone who auditioned- you should all be very proud of yourselves. 


Lewis Carroll 

Isabelle (Act 1) 
Selwyn  (Act 2)



White rabbit



Lucy (If she wants to)

Mad hatter


Queen of hearts


Mock turtle



Daisy (If she wants to)

King of hearts



Alicia  (If she wants to)



Fish and frog footman

Cayden (If he wants to)


Orlagh (If she wants to)


Ines (If she wants to)

March hare

Tom (If he wants to)


Ben (If he wants to)

Two, five and seven of hearts

Alex, Isabella, Oliver (If they want to)

Knave of hearts

Finlay (If he wants to)



Cheshire cat


World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4
World Book Day 5
World Book Day 6
World Book Day 7
World Book Day 8
World Book Day 9
World Book Day 10
World Book Day 11
World Book Day 12
We had a lovely day celebrating books and reading on World Book Day. The fun activities included creating art to represent our favourite books, drama and creating book characters out of potatoes! All of the children's costumes looked brilliant and it was wonderful to see them so enthusiastic about reading. 

Potions Making

Potions Making 1
Potions Making 2
Potions Making 3
Potions Making 4
Potions Making 5
Now that we have created our own fantastic beasts, we've moved on to brewing our own potions! The children had a great time this week choosing from the different ingredients on offer (including Dragon's Blood, Werewolf Fur and Powdered Bone!) and then combing them to produce their very own potion. Now that the children have mastered the art of potion making, they will be writing instructions to help muggles to brew potions too! 

Model United Nations

Model United Nations  1
Model United Nations  2
Model United Nations  3
Model United Nations  4
Model United Nations  5
Now that we've reached the end of our work on World War 2, we're learning about the lasting impacts of the war. Last week, we learnt about the United Nations and the objectives which the U.N. have. To help us understand this, we became delegates from different countries in the U.N. and took part in a model security council. Each pair of delegates suggested solutions to the conflict in Sudan and suggested them to the council who then debated the solutions. In the end, we concluded that we should suggest the government holds an election, send both financial aid and supplies to the refugee camps and that each country would open their doors to the refugees. The children did a brilliant job of considering how they would establish peace- there are definitely some future diplomats in Hawthorn this year! 

Clay Soldiers

Clay Soldiers 1
Clay Soldiers 2
One of the pieces we created in Art this term are our clay soldiers. Each child rolled and smoothed the clay to shape it into a soldier. Some chose to add detail with helmets or by making parts of the uniforms. All of the soldiers purposefully do not have any detail in their faces so that each can represent any of the soldiers who fought in World War 2. 


PGL 10
All of the children had a fabulous time at PGL and made us all very proud with their behaviour. I have added only a few photos to the website at the moment as we have so many to share. All photos will be shared at our PGL assembly on Friday 12th October where the children will also share their memories of PGL. We look forward to seeing you there!
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