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Sycamore Year 5

Welcome to Sycamore - Year 5!


Welcome to Sycamore Class!  Our Class Teacher is Mrs Reddy, who loves hiking, camping, running and her dog Astrid. We have the lovely Mrs Comber-Lye, who works with us and she loves her gardening and her family and dogs. 


For the time being, there are obviously going to be some big changes to our learning. 
The children have been sent home with the following:


  • Spelling activity menu
  • Reading activity menu
  • Topic activity menu
  • Lined exercise book
  • A reading book
  •  Some additional activities in the pack if the children want to do it. 


Further news - Parents Please Note- I now have a new school email address:

Rather than emailing through the office you are now able to contact me directly.  If you wish to, I would love for you to send me children's work and any updates of what they have been doing at home.  When able I will try to respond back with any feedback that I have on their work.

If you are really struggling with assisting them with any particular work or concept then wherever possible I will endeavor to assist you as best I can. However, please note that I am still in school some days with key worker children and therefore may not always be able to respond promptly. 

It will be lovely to hear what you have been doing, whilst at home.


Check out my new YouTube post to you guys on:


You can now subscribe to my channel and the two videos will be on there. As my settings are for the children, so I am complying with the regulations, unfortunately you won't be able to leave comments on there but I am happy for you to email me via with your thoughts. 


Stay safe guys.  Mrs Reddy 



I will be setting a Literacy and Maths activity on here for 9am each day as well as setting weekly spellings. The Topic, Spelling, Reading mat menus are on here as well  in the packs sent home, which they can use to complete tasks.  They should also continue to read regularly and may wish to complete book reviews of what they've read. I'll look forward to seeing all of their hard work. 
I will also be setting Times Table Rockstars battles when I can.


I have set my page out like a typical day. To start is the Early work. So far I have put  two weeks on there. I use it in the mornings to get children settled, if you would like to use them, it has mental Maths on there and some SPAG. 

Then I have spellings- weekly spellings and the spelling mat. 

Below the spellings is the Maths. 
 With regards to the Maths- it is the Fractions work set daily with the daily dates on. I may put work on in advance with the dates on as I will be in school as well. 


The first document on the maths is a pdf file- this is the slides I would use to teach the children then the word documents are their tasks. I hope this makes sense. 


As a school, we follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning and use their resources in most lessons. New home learning maths lessons can now be found at Each lesson will contain a PowerPoint/video on the methods, worksheet and answer sheet, the videos are useful for teaching tools.  Please note, some of this is new content which we have not learnt in class. But children may want to use it.  


Then I have put on the reading task mat. I may add extra to this as the children differnt finish There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom so I would like to put this on there in due course. 


Following Reading there will be daily Literacy tasks again I will date them then the topic activity mat in the afternoon with additional resources they may want/need. 


I hope this isn't too confusing. Do email the office/ Mrs Crolla who can forward anything to me if you have any queries. 


As Twinkl is offering free access at the moment, you may wish to give your child other work to complete. If you go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS you will be able to access all of their content. 


I am sure you are aware that offers a free 30 day trial and so you will be able to download a free audiobook for your child if you wish. If you cancel the membership once the free trial ends, you're able to keep the audiobook. Audible is also now offering free access to a range of children's books through the website


Joe Wicks, "The Body Coach", will be leading a live 30 minute PE session with exercises which children can do from their own homes. It will take place every weekday at 9am on his YouTube channel starting next week- It's aimed at children but I'll still be giving it a go!


If you're looking for something different to do today, Rob Biddulph (the official World Book Day illustrator of 2019 and 2020) will be posting a draw-along video at 10am on his website- I'm not sure which video he'll be sharing today but I'm going to have a go at drawing the sausage dog in his video from last week. 


Something different- could the children create a diary of things they do each day and then they can reflect on this when they get older and share when we get back to normal. 


Wind in the Willows theatre musical online for free- As theatres are forced to close their doors, they have made The Wind in the Willows musical. (which my class have been studying) this is available to stream online for free on: 


While we are now facing lots of changes, what will not change is how proud I am of my class. Each of you have already grown up so much this year. You have worked so hard and pushed yourselves, talked respectfully about important topics and shown such kindness and compassion. Even on days when you have been given warnings or we've had to talk about listening and respect, I have loved teaching you. I really can't wait to see you all again. 

Look after yourselves and your families. 



Activities you might want to use.



26th March

Hi Sycamore Class and parents, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine. We need this weather at the moment. Fingers crossed it stays this way. 

I have set some times table Rockstar battles. Do email the office if you need logins for this and I will  email you back with your username and password. I can see Sycamore are winning against Hawthorn at the minute, keep it up. I have also set some challenges just between our class as well. 


Mrs Reddy

Hi Sycamore Class, 


I found this really cool song which I though I would share with you. I hope you like it. 

Some extra activities or things to look at.

NNO Wildlife Trust on Twitter:


Doctor Who


NASA History Office….




Virtual Museums virtual-tours

A bit of Art

Home Learning

Our Timetable- in case you wanted to use this as a basis for learning

Spellings- WB 23.03.2020 spellings and a spelling mat of activities

Fraction answers -23rd-27th March. Please don't feel you need to mark the children's work that they do, it is just there if you want it. With some more hints as well.

Note to parents- With the activities, these were designed for me to print and save paper so I will have lots of the same challenge on one sheet and maybe a repeat of a green, purple and Blue activity on there. I am happy for the children to work through the green, purple, blue activities or choose. 


I hope you are all well and safe. 


Mrs Reddy

Wednesday 25th -Friday 27th March- Something different from Fractions- some problems to choose from and solve. You don't need to do all of them.

Or you could create your own Maths board game or Top Trumps.


Lesson 1 describing characters and comparing with build in SPAG

Wind in the Willows- Podcast- for lessons


Writing Task -20.03.2020 and a SPAG slide

Literacy -Monday 23rd - Friday 27th March

Literacy- Monday 30th March - Friday 3rd April (Wednesday- Friday- the children can choose a task from the creative writing tasks to complete)

Writing checklist for feedback that I would use. I don't comment on everything. I just pick out key spellings that need to be corrected, captial letters essential and then I comment on something they have done really well and something they need to work on. Hope this is useful.

Swimming Activities- here are some home activities the children might like to do on swimming.

PGL Parent Information Evening PPT

PGL Kit list and Sample food menu

General Timetable for Year 5. (Please note sometimes things change)

Sycamore Timetable- Term 2

Sycamore Timetable T3

Topic Web-Term 1

Topic Web-Term 2

Topic Web Term 3

Topic Web -Term 4

Project letter -Term 1

Project Letter Term 3

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4
World Book Day 5
World Book Day 6
World Book Day 7
World Book Day 8
World Book Day 9
World Book Day 10
World Book Day 11
World Book Day 12
World Book Day 13
World Book Day 14
World Book Day 15
World Book Day 16
World Book Day 17
World Book Day 18
World Book Day 19
World Book Day 20
World Book Day 21
World Book Day 22
World Book Day 23
World Book Day 24
World Book Day 25
World Book Day 26
World Book Day 27
World Book Day 28
World Book Day 29
World Book Day 30
World Book Day 31

Science Day

Science Day 1
Science Day 2
Science Day 3
Science Day 4
Science Day 5
Science Day 6
Science Day 7
Science Day 8
Science Day 9
Science Day 10
Science Day 11
Science Day 12
Science Day 13
Science Day 14
Science Day 15
Science Day 16
Science Day 17
Science Day 18
Science Day 19
Science Day 20

Maths-Dividing 4 digits by 1 digit with remainders

Maths-Dividing 4 digits by 1 digit with remainders 1
Maths-Dividing 4 digits by 1 digit with remainders 2
Maths-Dividing 4 digits by 1 digit with remainders 3
Maths-Dividing 4 digits by 1 digit with remainders 4
Maths-Dividing 4 digits by 1 digit with remainders 5
Maths-Dividing 4 digits by 1 digit with remainders 6
Maths-Dividing 4 digits by 1 digit with remainders 7
Maths-Dividing 4 digits by 1 digit with remainders 8

DT investigations- Comets

DT investigations- Comets 1
DT investigations- Comets 2
DT investigations- Comets 3
DT investigations- Comets 4
DT investigations- Comets 5
DT investigations- Comets 6
DT investigations- Comets 7
DT investigations- Comets 8
DT investigations- Comets 9
DT investigations- Comets 10
DT investigations- Comets 11
DT investigations- Comets 12
DT investigations- Comets 13
DT investigations- Comets 14
DT investigations- Comets 15
DT investigations- Comets 16
DT investigations- Comets 17

Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust

Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 1
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 2
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 3
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 4
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 5
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 6
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 7
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 8
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 9
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 10
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 11
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 12
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 13
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 14
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 15
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 16
Space DT investigations- Gravity and Thrust 17

Space Day

Space Day 1
Space Day 2
Space Day 3
Space Day 4
Space Day 5
Space Day 6
Space Day 7
Space Day 8
Space Day 9
Space Day 10
Space Day 11
Space Day 12
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