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Nature Park

Wild about Benson

Our nature designs went on display at Benson Nature Group's Wild about Benson event at the weekend.  All the designs looked amazing!

Nature Day

Last week we had Nature Day.  We had a fantastic assembly called 'It started with a poo...' telling us all about otters spotted in Benson over the last few years.  This inspired us to think about nature around our school and how we could enhance it.


Then we worked in teams to create our own nature designs.  Members of Benson Nature Group came to help us and were very impressed with our creativity - nests, ponds, vegetable patches, bug houses, greenhouses were just some of the things they spotted as they visited each class.



We wanted to work out exactly how many nature features we have at school.  Each class took a feature to look at and mapped it to our school site map.  

Nature Hunt

To kick start our Nature Project, we spent some time looking at our school grounds and seeing where we could see nature.   We were surprised by how much nature or evidence of nature we could see.

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