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Welcome to the FoBS section of our website

What Does FoBS Do?

In the 2018-2019 school year FoBS raised £11,800. We made donations or committed to spend £23,000 on resources and fun activities for the school including maths resources, £200 per class, outdoor equipment, trips, arts and music and IT.  Under these headings we bought books for year 4, paid for the year 4 music scheme, booked coaches for the Cornerstone theatre visit, bought 2 new interactive white boards, provided extra music equipment for the forest area and the Life Education bus.


We are delighted to have made such a big contribution to the school, with time, energy and money.  This could not happen without so many fantastic parents getting involved.  So, whether you helped to organise an activity, helped out with an event, baked a cake or came along with your family, we are extremely grateful.


How Can You Get Involved?

Our school is getting bigger and with this, the funding requests from the school are going to grow.  We always need more members with new ideas and energy to join the team.  Please do consider giving up a little bit of your time to help us help the children and the school.


Join our two Facebook groups, ‘Friends of Benson School’ and ‘FoBS Committee’. Have a look at what we do and have a think about how you can help.


If you think you would like to become part of the core FoBS team, we would love to hear from you.  We will be looking for a new Secretary for September 2021.  This is a fantastic opportunity to join the new FoBS team and get involved with FoBS.  To find out more about what is involved in these, or other core roles, please check out the document below.  You can get in touch with us at




As we are all aware, the past 12 months has been challenging in many ways, not least for opportunities for FoBS to raise money for our lovely school.


What better way, now Spring is here, to get out in the fresh air for fun, exercise and fundraising!


This is how it works:

1. Choose 5 days.

2. Choose your personal challenge - 5000 steps or 5k - to walk, scooter, cycle or run each day.

3. If you are on Street Tag, aim for 55 tags over the 5 days.

4. Ask friends and family to sponsor you for £5 for completing your challenge.

Of course, if you think this would be too easy, set your own challenge 
Eg 10k, 10,000 steps, 100 tags, for £10 sponsorship! 

All sponsorship money goes directly to FoBS, for the benefit of our amazing children in school!

To pay your sponsorship money directly online, follow the link below 


Year-Round Fundraising


Printer Ink recycling

Old used printer inkjet cartridges are collected at the office and we send them off for cash back. You can donate cartridges throughout the year. 


Yellow Moon/Baker Ross

FOBS get cashback from your craft supply purchases. Add Friends of Benson School as your nominated organisation when purchasing online.


Name Labels

We know how annoying it is when your child loses something at school. Labelling everything really helps you to be re-united with your child’s belongings. Easy2Name provide 20% cashback to FOBS for all orders placed. Just select Benson CofE Primary School OX10 at the checkout.


The Giving Machine
TheGivingMachine is a fundraising charity set up to help other charitable causes raise money online. By signing up and shopping online via TheGivingMachine you will generate a free cash donation for us.  With over 2,200 retailers, including Amazon, Ebay, M&S, NEXT, Tui, Sainsbury, John Lewis & Waitrose, you are bound to find what you need and generate a donation.

To start raising free donations go to and join – it’s that easy. You can even send this code onto your friends and family to ask them to fundraise for us.
You can also download the free desktop reminder app to help you remember to always shop online via TheGivingMachine

Recent Events:

Christmas Wreath Making

This was FoBS’ third year of Christmas Wreath Making but with a bit of a twist! Our wreath making kits went home for you to make and display. 

Mrs Crolla kindly judged the competition for the best wreath. She agreed that it was very difficult to judge as they were all so beautiful! 

She liked the traditional wreath with the additional lights created by Maz O'Donnell! Congratulations to Maz who won a bottle of bubbly.


Well done everyone who took part, even the local Postman commented how festive Benson looked this year with all the beautiful handmade wreaths 

Santa’s Sleigh 


Thanks to Wallingford 1155 and the FoBS elves who enabled Santa to make a socially distanced visit to Benson, raising £500 for FoBS.

Christmas Raffle and Online Auction


Thanks to all many local businesses who contributed such wonderful prizes, this year FoBS delivered a fantastic online auction and raffle. Congratulations to all the winners!

FoBS Funding

New Playground Equipment

Cala homes came down to see us to take some marketing photos, following a successful grant application which FoBS secured.  This enabled us to purchase more outdoor musical instruments.

Our Aim


How Does FoBS Support the School Community?


We are fortunate at Benson Church of England Primary School to have a PTA that is an integral part of the school and wider village community. The strong support network has enabled us to raise thousands of pounds that are spent on school facilities, equipment and resources to enhance our children’s experiences at school.


FoBS is about much more than simply fundraising. We exist to provide closer links between home and school, and it is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and friends together socially in support of the school, working towards a common goal. It is a fun and positive experience because we all care and we enjoy each other’s company.


All families are automatically members of FoBS when their child joins the school. No family is required to be involved in the organisation of events; we simply encourage parents and members of the school community to become involved in whatever capacity suits. We understand how busy family life can be, so we aim to make any involvement an enjoyable experience.


FoBS is extremely conscious of the ethos and diversity of our school, and we try very hard when organising and planning events to respect this. Many of our fundraisers are run with the aim of giving the children a good time, and as a way of thanking families for their continued support.


What FoBS Means to Benson School


Since FoBS involves the whole school community, we thought you would like to know what others think of what we do.


From Helen Crolla, Headteacher of Benson School:


“FoBS provide tremendous support to the school. As a group of willing volunteers, their enthusiasm, creativity and dedication to the business of fund raising has enabled children in all years to benefit from extra equipment.”


Significant purchases like interactive whiteboards and sets of reading books have had a positive impact on learning and contributed to the School's improvement priorities. The plan to fundraise for larger projects has enabled the school to consider improvements to the overall learning environment, ensuring that all children have access to high quality provision whilst they are at Benson.”


“There is also the commitment to pursuing grants and funding from other sources, which enables the school to embark on specialist projects. These provide the children with memorable experiences and allow children with talents to shine.”


“As Headteacher, I value the partnership that exists and the child-centred approach promoted by all members of the FoBS team.”



From Jo Chapman, Chair of Governors, on behalf of the Governing Body of Benson School:


With the ever-growing pressures on our school budgets, FoBS are instrumental in enabling us to provide the resources, equipment and rounded learning experience that our children deserve.


The FoBs team are a dedicated, passionate and innovative group of individuals who raise considerable amounts of funds through organising a range of fun social events that really do bring the community together in supporting our school. They are also proactive in identifying and managing many other fund-raising initiatives such as cartridge and clothes recycling, frozen fridays, giving machines and film afternoons, all of which the monies raised goes towards supporting our school.


FoBS have also done an outstanding job in securing grants such as the recent music grant which will enable our children to have access to Ukulele lessons for a full year. This just would not be possible without FoBS’ on-going commitment and support. They truly make a positive difference to the children of Benson Primary, and for that I am extremely grateful.”


From Parents of Benson School:


· “FoBS has made a huge difference to how quickly my family has settled into the school and the Benson community. Such a friendly, approachable group of parents; so welcoming and supportive. It is evident that they care greatly for all the children of Benson School and their families.”

· “As a working mum FoBS has given me the opportunity to still feel very much involved in school life. I have met a great team of parents and teachers all wanting to contribute, where they can, to raise important funds for our children. FoBS make a big difference and I am very proud to be part of that.”

· “My children have both recently joined the school and have loved every minute. The school is friendly and inclusive and that is echoed in the Parents, especially at the FoBS meetings. It’s a great combination of kids, parents and teachers coming together to make the school a fun and successful place to learn!”

· “I love being a member of the FoBS team, as well as all the fundraising it is a great chance to meet parents from different year groups around the school, understand more about the school and build quicker relationships with the staff. The FoBS team welcome everyone and there is never any pressure of do more than what you want to. Whether it is just coming along to a meeting or maybe doing a small job, you can dip in and out depending on your current work/home load. The Primary years for our children go by in a flash and I will be glad when I look back to think I saw my children in their school environment, made friends, raised money and did my bit.”


From the Children of Benson School


Connor, Year 5:“They help all the children and help us to do more activities by giving us resources for learning and play, such as playground equipment.”


Jasmine, Year 3:“FoBS are really hard-working and very kind-hearted. They set up amazing events. My favourite would be … oh, there are so many – the school disco and the summer fayre, I think!”


Lucy, Year 3:“They get more resources for the classroom by raising money for the school. My favourite event is the chocolate bingo as everyone in the family can take part.”


Ben and Evie, Year 6:

Ben: “They raise a lot of money for the school. The fayres attract lots of people from the local area, who see the school and then want to come here. More people in our school is better because you have opportunities to interact with more people socially and in the classroom.


Evie: “Yes, and they are very helpful, raising funds for school trips and school plays.”


Ben: “And they help the community by inviting them to school events. They invite the elderly to the Christmas performance and serve them tea and cakes, so they can enjoy other’s company. That’s a really kind thing to do.”


Hayley, Year 4:“FoBS make school more fun. The fayres are always fun, and I really like the movies. They buy lots of lovely things to improve the school, such as the plants at the entrance.”


Lilly, Year 2:“FoBS is the helping hand for the school and the children!”


Ollie and Oliver, Year 3:

Ollie: “The discos are brilliant – you get prizes!”


Oliver, starting to dance: “Yes, I won last year!”

FoBS Welcome Handbook


If you are new to the school or just want to find out a bit more about what FoBS do or how you can get involved, please take a look at our handbook, below or get in contact with us!

Getting in touch


Contact us via:


· email:

· Facebook: join ‘Friends of Benson School’

· or leave a message at the school office

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