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For this week, your homework is different. You should practise this week's spellings but you do not need to complete any pages in your homework books but you can choose to do some if you think it will be helpful. If you are doing this, you should pick pages about areas you find a bit tricky and would like to practise more. 

If you would like to practise finding a percentage of an amount, here are some questions-

17% of 400 =
61% of 205 = 
23% of 380 =
34% of 190 =
48% of 622 =


Remember, find 10% of the amount first (by dividing it by 10) then multiply this to find the multiple of 10 (e.g. multiply 10% by 4 to find 40%). Then, find 1% of the amount by dividing by 100 and multiply this to find the multiple of 1 (e.g multiply 1% by 3 to find 3%). 

Enjoy your weekend and remember, you've worked so hard and we're all so proud of you smiley



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