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Our Vision As A Church of England School

Working Together, Valuing Everyone, Learning For Life

'Love one another, as I have loved you' John 13 v34

Our vision, which is rooted in the theology of John's gospel, was chosen by the children in 2019 because they felt it was  inclusive and nurturing. 


 Children are valued so that they can flourish academically, whilst pursuing their personal aspirations or interests. Our culture, is influenced by the Christian values of: understanding, peace, forgiveness, love, kindness, and wisdom. These values enhance our relationships and learning atmosphere so that children feel cared for and safe. One pupil when asked to define the school's vision, quoted the Bible story of friends lowering their paralyzed friend to Jesus(Luke Ch 5 vv17-25) They felt this sense of friendship and love represented what Benson CE Primary School is about.


We have a talented and dedicated staff team, who inspire the children to love learning and be the best that they can be. We have high expectations. Our classrooms are modern, spacious and stimulating. The early years provision, which consists of a nursery and mixed  reception/year 1 classes provide children with a high quality, nurturing environment. All children are encouraged to behave well, support each other and demonstrate independence. The school enjoys close links with the Parish of St Helen's and many local organisations.


 Our vision is central to all decision making whether that is strategic or day to day. Our pupil groups also have a voice when planning special events or influencing changes to the curriculum. 

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