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Supporting Children

Emotional Support Request Form

We recognise that our children may need additional support for a variety of reasons. Families can often face change or challenging situations so we endeavour to work with parents to offer nurture and support.

Our staff team are able to deliver the following:

Lego Therapy

Gardening Intervention

Drawing and Talking Therapy

Emotional Literacy Support(ELSA)

Service Family Support-The children  have come up with a new name for this group. We are now calling this support group-'Benson Spitfires.'  This is aimed at children where a parent is deployed.


Team Around the Family through our Senco, Mrs Agudelo.

In order to help us, please use the following referral form to alert us to any needs that your child may have. Alternatively, speak to Mrs Crolla or Mrs Agudelo

Challenges of Modern Parenting 2 Presentation Notes

Dealing with Anxiety.

This leaflet provides some useful information when supporting children experiencing anxiety.

Benson Spitfires- Dandelion pictures

Jar of Memories

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