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Learning Support – Maths


As you can imagine your child will learn different maths methods at different stages in their life. The methods are taught in stages to ensure it isn’t too complex for their current mathematical understanding. To support their learning, we ask for them to practice the same methods as taught in school when completing their homework (this will prevent them from getting confused by too many new methods). If a particular method is required to help your child complete their homework this will be noted in their homework books. On this page you can find help sheets on how to use the different methods.

What Your child needs to know by the end of their year.


The Greater Than Less Than Song - Inequalities Song for Kids 

In class the children have learn the greater than and less than symbols. This song not only recaps the infamous 'hungry crocodile', but it takes the time to explain what the symbols actually mean, so that children can connect the symbol with the concept.

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