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Howbery Park


Year 3 and 4 had a wonderful time on their trips to Howbery Park this week. We walked to the park from school via Preston Crowmarsh, where all the children showed brilliant road safety awareness. At the park, the children explored the beautiful gardens and took inspiration from the river for the upcoming art competition they are entering. We were also lucky enough to opportunistically observe beehives being tended to, which sparked a great deal of interest. The children now look forward to producing art in class to enter into the Howbery Art competition.


Chance to Shine Cricket


This term we have a Chance to Shine Cricket coaching the children for the term. So far, the children have loved picking up new skills!

Outdoor Learning


As a class we have loved the beautiful weather this week. We have taken our learning outside and have enjoyed doing literacy and maths in the fresh air. 




Month of the Military Child


While military members serve around the world, we often forget the challenges faced by their children. Military families move on average every two to three years, impacting military children through changing schools and support networks. We discussed the highs and the lows of being a military child and enjoyed looking at some equipment and trying on helmets!




Super Skating


The class had a wonderful time doing their skating workshop. They showed great team work and resilience through out!


Amazingly Active


In class we have been having a wonderful time this term learning to play netball. We have all enjoyed learning new skills and playing lots of matches. Netball has now been voted as one of the classes favourite games. The children all love how inclusive the game is and how team work improves the game. 


Christmas Celebrations


We have had a wonderful start to December with lots of exciting and enjoyable festive activities. We will continue to get up to lots of creative challenges on the lead up to Christmas. 


Police Visit


In class we have been looking at staying safe in our community. We have looked at ways we can stay safe and who we can speak to when we feel unsafe. We recognised why some strangers can be dangerous and what to do if we were approached by somebody we don't know. 


Children in Need


We had a wonderful day today, working hard in the morning and celebrating Children in Need in the afternoon. We discussed the importance of Children in Need and looked at who it may support. We talked about how it has likely supported children in our school community in the past. Afterward, we explored the 'Positive Relationship' campaign being run by BBC Children in Need this year. Each child within Apple Class identified three positive relationships in their life: one family member, one friend, and one person in the community. Once they identified these relationships, they considered why these relationships were positive.


War Horse


Today we had a special visitor to school, Abbey the horse. She was brought in to show us what horses and their riders would have looked like in World War One and as part of our Remembrance celebrations this week.

We asked lots of questions about what life might have been like for horses and soldiers in WW1. Horses didn’t have any kind of armour. They had special rugs under their saddles to keep them warm and ropes around their necks so they could all be tied together to feed in a line when the soldiers stopped at the end of the day.

We learned that 1,000,000 horses went to war but sadly, only 60,000 came home again. Whilst they were involved in the war they were used for lots of different jobs, like pulling equipment and carrying injured soldiers.

Mo, who was riding the horse was wearing a WW1 soldiers uniform and he showed us how the soldiers would charge on horseback holding his sword up very high. It looked very sharp and we thought enemy soldiers would have felt quite scared to have lots of horses and riders charging at them!


Brilliant Brushing


In class, we have been exploring teeth. After observing the effects of sugar and acidic foods on our teeth, this week, we focused on the importance of brushing our teeth to prevent plaque buildup and protect our enamel. We watched videos and read information on the best ways to brush our teeth before putting our learning to the test.



Awesome Catapults


This term in Design and Technology (DT), we will be addressing a problem from our class guided reading book 'Kenzuke's Kingdom.' The book is about a boy named Michael who sails around the world with his mom, dad, and dog. Unfortunately, during the trip, Michael falls off the boat and wakes up on a desert island. With little to eat, Michael is faced with the problem of how to get food down from tall trees that have no low branches.


To assist Michael, the children are tasked with a mission to build a catapult that he can use to knock fruit off the trees. Today, they experimented with different designs using rubber bands and lollipop sticks. Over the next few weeks, they will refine their ideas and draw up a final design.


Awesome Calculator Skills


This week we have been continuing our unit on addition and subtraction. We have been using the column method to work out our calculations and then checking our answers with calculators. 


Terrific Teeth


In class we have been exploring teeth and the digestive system. Today we look at the different teeth we have and their functions. We used mirror to count how many teeth we have and identified which teeth we have missing. 


Block Building Challenge


In class we did a building block challenge. We were asked to build a temple only using box inspired by one from an ancient civilisation. 


Super School Projects


Wow! What an amazing effort was put in by the pupils within Apple Class when completing their school projects. As a teacher, I am beyond proud of the creativity, presentation, and hard work that went into producing these projects. We have loved hearing all about the projects over the last week and have thoroughly enjoyed giving some well-deserved feedback. Well done, Apple class!

Perfect Place Value:

In class we explored what happens when we as either 1, 10, 100, or 1000 to a number. We used place value columns to explore this concept. 


Scientific Classification:

In science we have been exploring classification. We have looked at the different ways in which living things can be classified including: habitat types, vertebrates and invertebrates and living and dead things.


Zones of Regulation:

In class we have been exploring the zones of regulation. By understanding the zones of regulation we can explore how we feel. There are four different zones: red, yellow, green and blue. Each zones is associated with different feelings. We explored different feeling with acting before identifying which zone we would be in. 



Welcome Week & Skipping Workshop:

We've had a wonderful first week back at school where we have enjoyed many exciting activities, including a skipping workshop. Below are some photos of what we have been up to.

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