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Maths: Number

Key Questions How many do you have? How can you check? Who has more? Who has less? How many do we have altogether? Can you give me 1/2/3…, Can you find the number 1/2/3…, can you show me that many fingers, can you count that many objects?


Activity Ideas,

*Have a picnic                                                                                                      

-ask your child if they can give you e.g. one banana, four biscuits (can they count out the correct number from a bigger group)                                                            

- sort the food into colours, fruits and vegetables. Count which group has the most. Which has the least?  How many altogether?


*Set up a toy shop                                                                                                

- write number labels to say how much each toy costs,                                         

- count out the correct number of pennies for each object.                                 

- which one costs the most


*Go on a number hunt.

- make number cards to 5 or 10.  Look around the house to see if you can find that number (telephone, doors, book pages, clocks, write your own and hide them around). Can you draw that many, show that many fingers/toes?


*colour by numbers and counting activity sheets

* watch numberblocks and explore the number activities on Cbeebies


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