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Lesson 1 Thursday 25th February

Hello Ash Class!

This week, we will be thinking about our next big question: should believers give things up?

Today, our learning will focus on the importance of Lent for Christians and what actions a Christian may perform during this time.

Read through the power point ahead of the activities. These will be emailed to your parents due to the issues with the internet.



If you don't receive the power point in time:

Find out about the Christian season of Lent. Why is this significant? What colour is associated with this in Churches and what meaning does this have? How do Christians observe this -what types of things do they do?


Activity 1: 

Think about what you would find hard to give up for 40 days. Draw and explain these things.


Activity 2 :

Decorate a jar or box. Write down 40 acts of kindness on pieces of paper and place them in your jar/box. Draw one out each day. e.g. make someone smile, feed the birds etc.

Examples of RE Learning

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