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Shape, Space and Measure

Key vocabulary

– square, circle, rectangle, triangle, side, corner,

-big, small, tall, short, full, empty, heavy, light,

-next to, on top of, under, between


Activity Ideas


*Shape pictures                                                                                                   

-draw and cut out shapes from an old cereal box. Use them to make pictures. Challenge your child to make a rocket/tree/house. What shapes did they use?

-practice drawing different shapes – confidence to draw shapes are key to developing writing skills.


*Shape hunt                                                                                                   

-look at a particular shape, feel it, count the sides and corners. Then see if you can find that shape around the house.


*Describe and find it hunt                                                                                    

-hide a favourite teddy, use positional clues to help them find it. For example, it is in the kitchen. it is on the chair/ under the table. Now ask your child to hide the teddy and describe where it is to you?


* Building/construction                                                                                          

-use blocks/duplo/lego to explore building with shapes. Challenge your child to make e.g make a tower taller than teddy? How many blocks did you use?                     

- explore which blocks roll, discuss why they think this is? Look at curved and straight edges of the 3d shapes.

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