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This term, we've been learning about fractions in maths. We started by creating a fractions museum in which we used different equipment and drawings to show a range of different fractions. 
In literacy lessons, we've been learning about non-chronological reports. We then imagined we were explorers in the Amazon rainforest and we'd discovered a new species of animal. Using our geography learning, science learning and the vocabulary words we've been learning, we wrote our own non-chronological reports to share information about our new discovery with the world. We worked really hard on our reports so we hope you enjoy them!
On Tuesday 8th September, we had a rainforest day to introduce our new topic. We looked at videos and photos of the rainforest to help us think of vocabulary to describe it, tried some rainforest fruits, built a model of a rainforest shelter and even made a rainforest in a jar.
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