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Class Gallery

We learned this week that Ancient Greek actors would often wear masks because men played both male and female roles in the theatre. We thought about the design of the masks and why they might have been designed that way then in the afternoons after the SATs had finished, we made Ancient Greek theatre masks using a balloon and paper mache! It was very messy but we really worked really hard on them.
On the last day of SATs week, we watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. We went in the hall so the film could be projected onto the wall and we closed all the curtains so it was dark and felt like a real cinema. We also had a our SATs party which included a boys vs girls dance off. The boys won the dance off but it was very close!

Science/Faith Day

We had a Science & Faith day in which we explored the similarities and differences between science and faith and how they can both be used to help us answer big questions. The day started when we joined Year 5 for a talk and a series of magic tricks and illusions designed to get us thinking outside the box. We then had two talks in our classroom in which we explored the ideas of faith and science being similar and thought about how we could use both faith and science to help solve climate change. We did a lot of thinking and asking questions and really enjoyed the magic tricks!

The Farm Animals Visit!

Teaching Year 3
We've been busy learning about, and writing, our own non-chronological reports. We designed a rainforest animal, thought about how it would need to be adapted to survive in the rainforest and wrote a detailed report on it. We made careful vocabulary choices to ensure we sounded like experts and were very professional. Once we'd decorated our report to make it look appealing to the reader, it was time to share it! We taught children from Year 3 all about our animals by sharing our reports and answering their questions. It was great to be able to share our work with others in the school- we hope they enjoyed it too! 

Computing Day

We had an impromptu computing day this week! We learnt all about stop motion animation films and how to grab the perfect shot. Then, we created a storyboard for our own stop motion animation film and made characters, props and scenery. Once we were all ready to shoot, we used the app I Can Animate and created our own stop motion animation films. We hope you enjoy our films!

My Animation 6.mp4

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My Animation 7.mp4

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My Animation 12.mp4

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