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Values and Spirituality

Our School Vision


'Love one another, as I have loved you' John 13 v34 

Our school vision is central to the relationships within the school community and when encouraging everyone to learn. The school mosaic, within the Peace Garden, also represents the positive relationships within the local community, showing children holding hands working together.

We are a Church of England school so have remembered our foundation when selecting 6 core values.

These are:








Our school values thread throughout the life of our school. We encourage all pupils and adults to remember them when talking together. 

Each term we share stories from the Bible that illustrate our values and remind us of our vision. These are also linked to our Reflection Area, where prayers or reflections can be tied to the tree.

Father Patrick shares stories and readings from the Bible and uses our ideas to form prayers. We have talked about opportunities to be spiritual and the impact this has on our lives.

Prayer, Reflection and Spirituality.

Prayer and opportunities for reflection are integral to our experience at school. Through worship and the curriculum, the children demonstrate a deep sense of spirituality and the ability to celebrate the aspects of the world that they cherish. The rich curriculum offers opportunities to ponder and appreciate the awe and wonder of God's creation. 

British Values

The British values of: Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance, are woven into many aspects of our curriculum. The children are encouraged to articulate their understanding of these values and demonstrate them in their relationships.

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